Harry Styles @ Mum Anne Cox’s Wedding



  • Anonymous

    AW !!

  • Terrance

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  • Anonymous

    he’s so gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    He needs to get that hair under control. Before it was weird but still somehow worked. Now its like straighter and big like a untidy kid or someone got shocked.

  • duckyhoward15

    He is gorgeous but please baby put your hair down , Lou isn’t doing a good job with that hair .

  • ThatCat

    Omg I agree so much w/you – his hair is so weird he was so cute when he had curlier hair kinda like in your picture :3

  • kristy

    geez…he finally has some down time and he’s not left alone and especially on special private occasion. that smile is probably because he wants a bit of privacy.

  • Anonymous

    What kind of douche smile is that