Selena Gomez Jack In The Box Craving


Selena fulfilling her craving for Jack In The Box in LA. FameFlynet.

  • ParaMonster

    …WHY do girls have such long nails like that? It can’t make normal functions that easy.


    finally one child star not resorting to constantly flaunting her breasts for attention..

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup, selena is flaunting her junk just like everyone else. There’s just a double standard. When Miley does it, she is called a whore and selena is called beautiful and ‘growing’ when she’s being all sexy in photoshoots and videos etc. Just cos selena acts all angelic while faluning her shit. And people mainly notice selena for her looks anyway. The only person who isn’t selling looks is Demi. And she has the rehab stories. So everyone is selling some angle. Let’s get real.

  • yesaella

    heyy ^^ are you the owner of this site?
    or just a commentor with the name ‘OCEANUP’??

  • Anonymous

    I hope her mother release the cash for a new car for her birthday.

  • Anonymous

    I like her car but it already got boring

  • Anonymous

    So others notice the car. Maybe were being snobby. But she’s a star and that car is so drab. My family have better looking cars and we live in South Africa and are average in wealth. She’s a millionaire! Upgrade please. Biebs should get her a new one. He’s always buying new absurdly priced cars. He can at least get her something decent.

  • Anonymous

    finally one child star not resorting to flaunting her breasts for attention..

    Cause selena has nothing to flaunt, she’s boring as fuck!!! Jealous much OCEANUP :p