Taylor Swift Rolling Stones Special Guest


Taylor Swift is performing with The Rolling Stones in Chicago tonight.

Competition is fierce today!

  • SlaylorSwift

    Omg im so proud <13


    also to the biased comments up there and down here SHES LAFFIN ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK AND DANCING AROUND HER 7 GRAMMYS AND 200 AWARDS

    Haters gonna hate!

  • Anonymous

    you go, tay!
    haters gonna hate
    she can’t hear you over her 832592359 awards

  • Anonymous

    Taylor is a legend. Bow bitches!

  • Anonymous

    I will stab taylor swift in the back of her fucking head and watch her bleed to death

  • Anonymous

    So I guess Taylor Swift is giving Rolling Stones Wood tonight?

  • Anonymous

    what?? taylor sucks! cant sing