Taylor Swift’s Beach Rights DEFENDED


Taylor Swift‘s new neighbors in Watch Hill, R.I., are upset her security guards harassing people on the beach below her property. A local official for the Watch Hill Fire District told Radar that Taylor is well within her rights:

‘There has been an ongoing problem with people climbing onto her wall. The public is allowed on the beach, but only below the high tide water mark. When it’s high tide, they can’t be on her beach at all. When the tide is out, they can legally walk on the beach below the high tide mark.’

  • Anonymous

    …in Watch Hill of all places. People flock to the beaches there.

  • Anonymous

    A vacation house. $17 mill and you better get some privacy. Watch Hill is one of the best choices in RI.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet my entire bank account that she sells the place in RI in a year, for a hefty profit. I think that’s her game now… she sold a mansion in Nashville and the house across from the Kennedy’s, both for $1,000,000+ profits.

  • Anne

    why did she buy a house in R.I the first place.