Did you ever ask your dad for help? Lily Collins: No, I always wanted to do it on my own. I never wanted anyone making phone calls. A name can open doors, but there’s a quote I like: ‘Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.’

The Mortal Instruments is going to be epic too. Lily Collins: I’m so excited! I had read and really loved the books. Glamour: The anticipation level is pretty crazy. Readers have a lot of opinions about the movie. Lily Collins: The fans [in Toronto, during filming] were amazing. They’d bring us cookies, mugs, tea, drawings, everything. I want to make sure I live up to their expectations as Clary.

Glamour: It all reminds me of where Jennifer Lawrence was right before The Hunger Games. Lily Collins: She’s a friend; she’s awesome. The choices Jennifer has made have been really interesting. And I loved how she carried herself after her trip [going up onstage] at the Oscars. I was like, ‘You go, girl!’

Have you started getting dressed in the morning with the paparazzi in mind? Even in LA, where everyone’s in yoga pants, I’ve never been the girl to run around in sweats. I love fashion and always have something put together, but I won’t wear anything specifically to be photographed in. I have become more cautious of making funny faces in public.

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    Lily is beautiful. Like a young Elizabeth Taylor!