In light of the reports of an apparent suicide attempt, these archive images reveal a potentially dangerous trend of self-harm for celebrity offspring Paris Jackson. In images taken over the past 6 months, it appears that Jackson has scratches on her arm typically linked to cutting.

Is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson suffering from emotional pain causing her to harm herself? This image, taken over a year ago, shows Paris looking happy and healthy and without any noticeable scratches on her arm. File photo taken in Calabasas, CA on February 4, 2012. Photos: FameFlynet. Makeup tutorial under!

  • Anonymous

    the close up of the first photo where is doing that sign.. idk what you call it. its so sad, you can see just how much she has been harming herself :(

    i hope she will be okay <3

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  • Anonymous

    You people thinking just bashing on her is okay
    and justifies what shes done? Obviously you don’t know how hard dealing with a mental illness like depression or whatever is. I feel so bad for her, losing her father and going through the rest of her life in the public media, shame on you for even judging her. Have a little respect.

  • OM

    People HONESTLY think that when people try to harm themselves they’re not trying to get attention? OF COURSE THEY DO IT’S A NATURAL RESPONSE IT’S UNCONCIOUS, -.- we’re rational ANIMALS, so it’s a natural response to try to survive, even do you’re going through a rough patch, and it’s not a fucking bad thing, I can’t believe people can’t think harder and realise that wanting to get attention it’s not a bad thing, damn… stop judging her, you’re not going through the exact experience to say nasty stuff and also, if you were going through something even similar you weren’t raised the same way to act the same way… jee. I do hope she gets better and that she gets the proper help

  • Anonymous

    it’s for attention. girls who try to be the punk emo type always experiment with cutting.

  • Anonymous

    The media only have time for a Jackson when it is something sad/crazy/ depressing/ unusual.

    I’m wishing Paris well.
    I imagine her life can’t be easy – but I hope there are people close to her that love and care enough help through this so she can emerge the beautiful, well rounded, intelligent human being that she was meant to be.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this will make the Jackson family pull their heads out of their asses and pull together as a family should. It’s sad to be in a situation where there is no strong support system, especially with kids that are thrust into the media like Paris, Prince and Blanket.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Paris, she seems to have a great heart.

  • NarrySex

    she didnt do it for attetion,she was legit in the hospital this morning for attemping suicde with pills.
    i feel so bad for her she was bullied in school and we of course know her dad died.She was homeschooled her whole life maybe putting her in school was a bad idea.

  • NarrySex

    the tabloids and media only talk about who her real dad was speculaing tat micheal is not the father and other negative things ,maybe the should have focused on how PARIS was actually doing instead of the fathers money grubbin crap.

    None of the ‘fathers’ deserve a cent from Paris’s money because who was there for her for 12 year? none of them ..only micheal was

  • duckyhoward15

    Narrysex you are too kind and wise <3 .

  • SoHipster_

    She needs to deal with the real life.
    She needs to learn to live like a normal human not like THE kid from MJ.
    Clearly shes dealing in a hard way with it when school was the problem.
    I think its hard for her because her family is fucked up, thag doesnt helps to get normal

  • Anonymous

    she didn’t take pills though. but it doesnt matter how she attempted it. I hope she’ll me fine. and no not every punk emo kid tries cutting. that’s just as stupid as saying every hiphop fan does drugs