Niall, ‘We Were NOT Drunk On Stage’


+ Cincinatti, Ohio candids!

  • BrokenArrow


  • Anonymous

    A lot of artists drink before going onstage. Why is he so pressed about it?

    Maybe he has an alcohol problem? Being Irish, it’s not uncommon.

  • Anonymous

    Lol love him! x

  • Anonymous

    niall i love ya

  • Anonymous

    I am so mad right now. I work less than 3 blocks from fountain square where the boys were and I had no idea they were there. SO MAD!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, when ur damn laying on top of Harry like that, what are people suppose to think

  • xxxsingxxx

    I went to the boys concert tonight, but I’m still upset that they were so close to me in Cincinnati last night and today and I didn’t go track them down. My friend even drove past their hotel and saw all the girls but didn’t know it was them so she didn’t stop.