One Direction Anti-Bullying Nail Polish


One Direction & Home Depot have launched a range of nail polish, notebooks, pens and stickers, aimed at raising funds for an education program in schools across America to stamp out bullying.

Niall: ‘We’re really excited to partner with Office Depot and help spread the anti-bullying message with our fans and students in schools across America. And you know we’re not long out of school ourselves so we can relate. It’s a problem that’s fresh in our minds and we’re eager to raise awareness on this subject.

Five nail polishes will be released next month as part of the 1D + OD Together Against Bullying campaign – blue for Harry Styles, lime green for Zayn Malik, purple for Horan, navy blue for Liam Payne and orange for Louis Tomlinso

  • Anonymous

    they’re perfecttttt

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but how does buying nail polish actually help with anti-bullying? Too much marketing and not so much thinking there.

  • Anonymous

    I think Nialls will sell the best. He went with a good colour. Although black is cool for any occasion so Liam might be the best selling. So I guess its between them.

  • Anonymous

    I would never wear the colours zayn and harrys names are on. I don’t know if that will affect sales for them.

  • Anonymous

    Wearing nail polish that you like (especially if you LOVE One Direction) will boost your confidence level. It’s all about feeling good about yourself. It doesn’t help bullying, but it does help easing the depression of the girls who are bullied. You should think more.

  • ThatCat

    I love those colors but I don’t think I can pull off Zayn, but I like to wear it bc its fun.
    I think I like them in this order:
    Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis then Zayn

    Also idk how coloring your nails helps bullying?

  • Anonymous

    You said Home Depot in your half and then you had Niall quoting that it was going to be at Office Depot. Get your shit straight.