Liam Upsets 1D Fans + Niall @ Gym


Liam Payne Tweeted: Hi everyone I just wanted to say that I’m not mad at anyone cuz I’m worried people think I’m pissed off or whatever and I don’t want anyone to think I’m a dick so i just wanted to say sorry to anyone who was pissed at me the other day I was just tired an having a bad time, I just miss home a little bit at the moment so please don’t think I’m moody or off..

On the other hand the shows have been amazing we litterally haven’t had a bad crowd at any show anywhere in the world you guys have been incredible and we never expected this much support from everywhere it’s been so overwhelming to see how many people appreciate our music and make posters and spend all there time and effort trying to find us

I always wanted to do this since I was small and you guys have made this happen for me and I won’t ever forget that we watched the last cut of the film yesterday and taking time too look at all the things u guys have made happen for me I couldn’t thank any of you enough so that’s it really sorry about the other day, we all have bad days I love you guys thank you x

  • Ana

    Hey OceanUp!!!! im a 1D fan from brazil and i was wondering if you could help me and other girls to spread the word about the problems the fans here faced when buying tickets for the new tour…. i made a video and i was hoping it would reach more views so maybe they would add more dates here in brazil!!! thank you!! here’s the link:

  • Anonymous

    we lavv you liam

  • duckyhoward15

    Here is an idea disconnect the phone Liam .

  • Anonymous

    Fans can be really annoying and expect the guys to be happy and obliging all the time but its a punishing schedule and they get tired and grumpy like the rest of us. Nothing I hate more than some disturbance went I finally get to have a sleep in on the weekend.

  • Anonymous

    He’s so sweet. I want his dick though. That ten inch. Ughhhhh, it’d be better if he’s mad. Yum.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Liam. He’s definitely my favorite and a talented singer. I know he didn’t mean to offend. But some of these fan girls are obnoxious.

  • BrokenArrow

    He’s so cute, he’s always been the one who cares the most about fans!

  • Anonymous

    I want to leave scratches down Niall’s back and love bite in his neck

  • Anonymous

    he is so hot, but damn must he be dumb…doesn’t even know how to use punctuation :(

  • Anonymous

    it’s really a turn off. and he’s such a hottie

  • BrokenArrow

    he is so hot, but damn must he be dumb…doesn’t even know how to use punctuation Sad

    Grammar is his weakness :)

  • Anonymous

    how can grammar be a weakness??? overall? like he doesn’t know where a period goes or something?? lolllz :D

    lmao :D I’ve never heard of that!

    that’s like saying ‘thinking is a weakness’ :p

    (but I guess that’s valid: you see plenty of examples on here with some of the 9 year olds’ comments ;) lolz)

  • Luke Skywalker

    I think I lost about ten IQ points when reading his tweets. Holy fuck.

  • BrokenArrow

    I think that he wants to say a lot of things at the same time, that’s why he makes long sentences. Or when he makes grammar mistakes it’s because he wants to type quickly :P

  • TheLuckyOne

    I don’t like One Direction too much, but Liam is right. Hearing fans scream all the fucking day must be really annoying. By the way, you girls are right he’s really hot!