@ Caroline Herrera Rodeo Drive Boutique opening hosted by Vanity Fair.

  • jaloo

    Most beautiful woman in Hollywood.


    blandie is wayyy prettier, joe is lucky :)

  • MrsJoeJonas

    Wow, she looks old on that picture. Blanda is older and looks younger. wow

  • Gene

    She looks alright , but doesn’t have some fashion , but I think her are okay .

  • BrokenArrow

    She’s so pretty

  • prince2

    She looks so beautiful and cute in these bob haircuts.I like her style so much .


  • Anonymous

    She is pretty in every way, she is 26, Joe Jonas should be back together with her he was really happy with her also he c when theysplit but that’s because he loved her so much, the girl who.seems like a man that Joe is now is so ugly compared to camilla belle

  • Anonymous

    this is not famewhore dirty slut BL post.

  • Anonymous

    she doesn’t look old to me. she will be 27 in a few months, you people first saw her when she was 22… obviously she has to age a bit in the course of 5 years!

    and she is wayyyy prettier and classier than any woman joe jonas has and will ever go on to date.