Justin Bieber Believe Tour Book Program



  • thnxfkwke

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  • Jen

    Dang! this guy is on fire! seeing pictures of him going on stage woooaaah!! must be tiring going back and forth. ;)

  • HoneyB

    He does have a baby face, but at least his body is getting bigger so it’s not that bad at all, many guys have baby face doesn’t make them gay or girls at all face it. Also the pictures are not bad at all, at least he has a shirt on :D

  • Anonymous

    he thinks its the only way people will take him seriously and/or put off having to come out of the closet a bit longer

  • Anonymous

    Uh, JB needs to stop forcing this lifestyle.

    As dr seuss said: “Be who are and say what you feel, because those whose mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

  • Anonymous

    Justin needs to be who HE is, not who he hangs around.

  • Anonymous

    Give that whole gay thing up, it’s not funny nor does it make the person writing it seem cool or smart. It’s embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    He is pretty normal in those pics the fuck yall idiots talking bout? Gtfo empty headed morons , we all know you‘re secretly in love in Bieber

  • Anonymous

    his arms look good in thus one have to admit it he is finally growing up

  • Anonymous

    Girly face look but man muscles.
    fat fail

  • Jamie

    can everyone please click this link? would mean so much :) http://q102.com/pages/sharebieber/?25q

  • Anonymous

    no weed smoking pics?

    thought he wanted to showcase the REAL him now??

  • xAskTaylorx

    Thank you for finally changing it back oceanup! I was getting denied as an anon to comment. It was soooo bad. Won’t have that problem anymore!