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From Anna B: ‘This concert was incredible! I went to the Up All Night tour last year but this tour went to a whole new level. They opened the show with intros and did the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap (woot go philly!)

They are really natural performers and they made the show seem less rehearsed and not like they had been playing the same stuff for a long time. It was well worth the money. They even called out some fans trying to leave early and Niall serenaded them.

A girl threw her bra on stage and the guys started playing around with it and they acted really grossed out by it (pic enclosed). Also 5SOS were ridiculous. They are so good!

Zayn Malik’s mother was reduced to tears after hearing that her son had bought her a new house. He spent hundreds of thousands of pounds buying a new house for his mother and his sisters in their hometown of Bradford.

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    Zayn looks so skinny

  • Gene

    They smoke?

  • Anna B

    yesssss they used my photos and my writing! woot hoot

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