Harry Styles Kara Rose Marshall Dating?


Harry Styles was spotted shopping with Lou Teasdale and model Kara Rose Marshall on Sunday and both Hazlan and Kara were spotted wearing an identical The Who tour t-shirt.

They both hit a rooftop party together with friends in New York City on Sunday night. Kara pictured wearing Harry’s shirt, featuring Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. Styles was seen wearing the shirt on June 12 in Miami. Photos: INF.

Zayn on 1D’s success: ‘We didn’t want to just follow the boy-band formula. We didn’t want to do any dancing. We just wanted to be five dudes in a band.’ Liam: ‘We just kind of came out and said, ‘We can’t dance. We’re a bit lazy. We’re just normal lads.’ We look stupid dancing.

That’s what I think. I don’t think it’s ever something we’ll get fully used to.. We kind of try to stay under the radar and not tweet where we are.’ Harry: ‘Success has been so much more than we ever thought it could be.’

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