Selena Gomez Kaffe Rouge/ ESPYs 2013


Selena Gomez spotted at Kaffe Rouge in Los Angeles lasat night. Sel will present a category at the ESPY Awards 2013 , which honors the best American and international athletes of the year.

Also presenting: Kevin Bacon, Lake Bell, Don Cheadle, Selena Gomez, Danica Patrick, Paula Patton and Maria Sharapova. The awards will take place on July 17, at 22 (GMT), and will be broadcast live on ESPN.

She’ll appear on Live With Kelly & Michael Friday, July 26.

Via SelenaBrazil. + NEO pix.

  • Anonymous

    look at the ratings on wcs

  • 2 day diet

    Selena Gomez Kaffe Rouge/ ESPYs 2013 |

  • Anonymous

    She looks so skinny… her head is so big compared to her body :/ perhaps it’s just the angle or whatever

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, she’s drunk!!!

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  • Anonymous

    She’s going out with the turd again, so I say, “Who cares?”

  • boystan

    SINGLE – 8/19
    ALBUM – 11/11

  • Anonymous

    you can’t promote this girl to children anymore, she’s just a drug and drama addict like 99% of the rest of teen hollywood

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  • Anonymous

    I want to knock all of her fuckin teeth out while her fans watch