Jonas Brothers First Time Video Stills


‘First Time’ music video to be released on July 17! Clear Channel’s Pop station websites nationwide and iHeartRadio will host the exclusive world premiere of “First Time” by the Jonas Brothers on July 17, marking the launch of Clear Channel’s new video initiative.

The song, the lead track from the group’s forthcoming fifth album, is being spearheaded at radio by Richard Palmese and team, and is seeing more action at the format as an indie release (on Jonas Enterprises) than the band did as a major-label act.

In fact, it’s the fastest-breaking Jonas single ever, one of radio’s most added tracks every week since its bow three weeks ago. The video, by the way, features footage of the brothers at the Miss USA competition.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not even about getting laid… Yea it’s worded to make it sound like that, that’s pretty much the only way any songs make it these days, but its just referring to living your life and enjoying everything new.

    Besides, they’re adults now, they can sing about whatever they want. They’re not gonna stay virgins forever, never drink/smoke/try drugs. Just because you’re not used to them acting like adults and having fun doesn’t mean they’re disgusting….

  • Anonymous

    So First Time is about getting Laid for the FIRST TIME… ugh they disgust me, now. I used to be such a big fan. what a shame

  • Anonymous

    If i hear that song again i will kill selena gomez by cutting her neck.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Same day as Demi! Let the Ex-Disney start battle begin!! Lol jk

  • xAskTaylorx

    Cant wait!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny that Demi’s music video comes out the same day and that Wilmer is going to be in the First Time video. :lol:

  • Anonymous

    I will cut demi lovato’s whole fat arm off.

  • Anonymous

    please dont put selena in your comments ?please dont be ridiculous