Bieber Took 2 Girls Back To Hotel Room


After Justin Bieber partied until the early morning hours on Tuesday night in New York City, he angered hotel staff at the Philadelphia Four Seasons when he failed to show up after reserving 18 rooms, reported Radar Online.

Justin canceled the block of rooms, including the luxe Presidential Suite ‘at the very last minute. All this occurring after the good folks at the Four Seasons bent over backward for Bieber, moving around reservations to accommodate the singer and his entourage and making sure he had everything he requested.’

He partied in the basement of The Darby in NYC on Tuesday night. @jacybaron tweeted at 1:45 am: ‘Sitting next to Justin bieber at Darby. no big deal no photos tho. Not tryna get my phone broken in 8.’ Then he went to 1Oak nightclub, despite the fact that, at 19, and it’s illegal for him to drink.

Chanel PR intern Mollye Rogel tweeted, ‘Ending the night with @justinbieber shaking his gold chain over the peasants of 1oak #ifyouweremyboyfriend.’ Elite model Louise Dove tweeted at 3:12 am: ‘Justin Bieber is shaking a diamond gold medallion in 1Oak. Probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.’m According to the New York Post, he took two women back to his hotel room with him after leaving.

  • HoneyB

    Stories from RadarOnline are always false, false reports that always get the right and GossipCop exposes them. But of course on OU those little idiots will buy it and believe it, oh God he is drinking underage. WOW :O Oh my God I can’t believe he can do that he is such a bad person, get over yourself :D How many of them does it, exactly, but of course he is Justin Bieber and it’s not okay he is a faggot and little girl because of it, lmao next joke. According to this site he is also proposing Selena soon and his mom hates him :( Don’t believe every shit you read, you’re way too brainwashed then.

  • HoneyB

    These days if TMZ catches him talking to Betty White, they will say he is probably dating her. It’s ridiculous, he can’t spit on the ground without it’s being a scandal. This ‘social media’ will be the end of us

  • thecat61

    Don’t you know HoneyB that this is journalism at it’s best. Do you need a college degree to write shit like this and if so, what a waste?