Demi Lovato Bieber Dis EXPLAINED

Demi Lovato judging hopefuls at USC, a contestant sang ‘As Long as You Love Me’ to which Demi response: ‘Well, finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung.’

Later, Demi tweeted, ‘Btw – no shade thrown at Justin. So many people audition with his songs.. Finally someone sang it the way it was meant to be sung.. Meaning, finally someone sang it the way JUSTIN sang it.

Demi told MTV: ‘What they didn’t put in the tabloids is that I actually turned around ’cause the audience was like, ‘Oooh’ and I was like ‘Actually, guys, you took me the wrong way.’ I actually explained myself right then and there, but they didn’t put that on TMZ.’

  • Jonas Killer

    Anybody can sing a Justin Bieber song better than Justin Bieber. lol

  • Nicely


  • HoneyB

    Anybody can also sing Selena’s song better than her, but no one really covers her songs because they’re just really really bad. You should accept it that he sings good, specially acoustic,obviously you never seen live performances of that or his performance for the president, the dude can sing accept it :D