Justin Bieber @ Cabana Pool Bar Toronto


Justin Bieber shirtless @ Toronto bar. Sexy swaggy videos under!

  • Fap

    Lautner is really skinny and scrawny now.

    He seems to only be muscular when filming Twilight – probably steroids.

  • HoneyB

    Well he is sure looking better then before, calm down bitches, it comes with time he can’t look like Lautner over the night it’s obvious he is working out for fucks sake :) And that party looks so fun damn :( I bet he got laid hah

  • HoneyB

    Well JB’s obviously working out a lot and sure improved his body, I think he will look only better soon, so no big deal, he isn’t that bad at all, 8 pack is good.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    I like that Nick Jonas doesn’t go shirtless alot because when he’s does it always *drool*. But you see Justin shirtless all the time and it becomes “Whatever I’ve seen that 1,000 times”