Ariana Grande ‘Baby I’ SINGLE RELEASE

Ariana Grande released her single ‘Baby I’ today on iTunes now!

Do YOU think her new single will do even better than ‘The Way’?

  • hollywoodhaha

    I love her sound!

  • EvanescenceDemon

    I don’t like it.

  • Sparks

    Not #1 yet?


  • HoneyB

    Haha, It will be soon, trust me. Real talented ones are always successful, if they do the right thing with their careers.

  • BrokenArrow

    Her voice is flawless!

  • HoneyB

    Finally some real talent around, this girl has IT what takes to be a huge successful artist, she is a real professional already and I love it :) Great song, I think will slay The Way :D