Pop singer Rihanna flaunted her pierced nipples braless leaving the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden wearing a see through mesh top on July 22, 2013. Rihanna was on her way to perform at the Globe Arena.

  • HoneyB

    Riri is beautiful as always and looking hella good ! Bow down bitches ;) look at them all pressed mad and jelly hahahahahah

  • hollywoodhaha


  • TheseStrangeLittleThings

    Ouchies ;(

  • mouse

    Why does she have to be so in your face about everything.

  • jayjay

    haha omg. she might as well wear nothing. each to their own but i hate it. she looks gross. just my opinion though, whatevs.

  • ellygance

    Attention whore.

  • jayjay
  • LucyLu

    That must hurt :/

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Sometimes I think she’s trys too hard but then I realize she’s just playing the game. She’s hasn’t put out music for a while now so she has to do stuff to stay in the spotlight. Miley did the same thing. She wasn’t putting out music so she made attention for herself with her antics.

  • waaahh

    I’ll say it one million times, she’s trashy. Her music really isn’t even that good for her to be such a slut.

  • boystan