Selena Gomez ‘I’m Not Dating Justin’


Selena Gomez told Ryan Seacrest that she’s not dating Justin Bieber. Birthday girl Selena got a large bouquet of flowers delivered to her house on July 22, 2013 in Tarzana, California. Selena turned 21 today! Photoso: FameFlynet. Thx SelenaMGomez.BZ for Stars Dance photo shoot pic!

Selena told E!: ‘I learned a lot. I learned that I should definitely keep it way more private next time. Honesty. Egos turn me off, big time. I mean it’s hard to just date in this industry, it really is, because it doesn’t have to be anything serious, it can just be something fun,

And it should be because I’m young, but, you just can’t really help the people that you meet or that you fall in love with or that you wanna date. I want someone who can make me laugh and just be normal and understand my lifestyle and how I wanna live it. I’ll have a birthday party but I’ll have a dinner on the actual birthday and I will order my first glass at a restaurant (Which would likely be a nice red wine).

You are who you surround yourself with. I know that’s such a cliché quote, but it’s true. I’ve just witnessed it too much. At the end of the day success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with, you’re just gonna end up lonely.

I’ve had my moments. It’s fun to go to some of the parties and it’s just fun to meet people. I learned a lot. I learned that I should definitely keep it way more private next time.’ GOOD DAY PHILADELPHIA interview under!

  • HoneyB

    This was recorded before they reunited I guess that’s what her fans say , but hey maybe she got tired of him again and dumped him, maybe she will joke about it on some tv show again and ‘write’ songs about it, I guess he will have another breakdown caused by his heartbreak lol their relationship is full of shit and only there for promotion

  • duckyhoward15

    Umm then why your cake had photos of “jelena” ?

  • shmilex

    clearly lying

  • shmilex

    she’s still on-and-off with the biebs

  • TheseStrangeLittleThings

    I actually used to like Selena, but I think that ‘ego’ that ‘turns her off’ obviously changed her.
    So yeah, I think she’s lying.

  • thecat61


  • threelittlebirds

    egos turn her off yet she dated justin bieber?? pretty sure he has the biggest ego of all.

  • LucyLu

    Yeah but he wasn’t always this way, was he? His ego just recently became super inflated, he used to be normal.

  • HoneyB

    Lmao, you people made me laugh. How the hell does he have the biggest ego of all ? You obviously never heard of Kanye West, oh but wait what does actually make you think and it’s a legit proof he has a big ego ? Because of his instagram pictures for his fans ? Because he stood up for himself after they disrespected him and booed him ? Because he made couple of dumb things but obviously is getting better now he didn’t do anything recently for like 2 months lol I guess progress :) Please, he at least is involved with some charity, even more than people like you are informed about. If you look close, maybe not trust all those false reports from TMZ and bad press he got only recently you’ll see he is a normal guy, very humble and sweet. Maybe recently he might not seem so but that’s all over hyped by people like you and those who are brainwashed by the media. They all have bad times he can’t always be happy and smile, he was going through his first heartbreak on tour so what if he acted out a bit, tell me again how no celebrities never had that problem. He is young and growing, get over yourself. People dare to make him look so bad of course when they focus only on the bad and expose it while ignore much more of the good about him. So sad :)

  • LucyLu

    This whole relationship confuses me because one minute they say they are off, the next they are pictured together. Maybe they are just friends but I don’t know many people that remain such close friends with ther exes.

  • mouse

    “I will order my first glass at a restaurant (Which would likely be a nice red wine).”

    No reason to lie about having your ‘first’ drink, I’m sure it was before you turned 21 & that’s not a bad thing.

    She lies about the most obvious and tiniest things.

  • LucyLu

    Could be that she means it will be the first glass she is ordering at a restaurant. They don’t serve anyone under 21 and this is the first time she will be allowed to…

  • TheseStrangeLittleThings

    I’m pretty sure she means her first legal drink or her first drink being 21. Most people under the age of 21 have had alcohol at some point bfore; it’s not a secret thing, so I don’t think she’s trying to deceive or lie to anyone.

  • mouse

    I figured that’s what she meant but I was basically saying it’s not like she would admit to having a drink before then anyways.