Justin Bieber Snubs Down Syndrome Fan?


Justin Bieber snubbed a fan with Down Syndrome at Boston Meet & Greet on Friday, reports Radar. Jared Bedard of Newburyport, Massachusetts worked round the clock, fundraising for Cure AT/RT, a child’s cancer charity, by singing at local restaurants and on the streets of his home town. By July, he had raised $7,000 on a GoFundMe page.

Jared was driven by the knowledge that if he raised enough money, he’d win a meet-and-greet with Justin Bieber, who’s made CURE/ART a personal cause after Belieber Avalanna Routh died from the disease last year. Jared and his mom Karen were thrilled to meet his idol on Saturday night. But now, his dreams have been smashed after Bieber barely interacted with Jared and failed to acknowledge his efforts.

Mom: ‘I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting that. Personally, a meet and greet, I was expecting to really meet him, like maybe 20 people, tops. But they were doing photos in groups of 5, all screaming girls, in and out. It was just crazy. Jared told me that Justin said ‘What’s up man’ to him, but that was it.

I was just thinking Justin would talk to him a minute alone. Not like an hour or something, just even a minute. Maybe shaking his hand and saying, ‘Congratulations buddy!’ I tried to say, ‘This is Jared. He won, he raised money to fight childhood cancer,’ but it was too loud and Justin didn’t hear me.

I know there were a lot of people there who had paid for the meet and greet, but it was a huge thing for Jared. It was a huge undertaking for him to raise the money to meet him. I just don’t know any more. I think his publicists probably just told him to just show up and pose for a few pictures and be done. He probably didn’t know.’

  • HoneyB

    Most reports from Radar are false and made up, maybe even this as well but if it’s true OU is always quick to judge, I’m sure Bieber didn’t even know about this kid, every time he had a sick child on M&G he KNEW was sick and hard to get the tickets he took special pictures talked with it or family you can see the pictures and also read what the family told how nice he was to the sick child. Also his M&G are now all full, there’s too many people not enough time for all of them, so nothing to be mad about. I am sure he didn’t know about Jared at all, usually his fans make trending topics so he sees or his managers tell him and he treats the child very nice. People will judge this but ignore 100+ where he treated sick children great but those didn’t get reported on OceanUP.

  • BangBang


  • HoneyB

    Not rude at all, so judgemental smh. Specially if nobody told him the boy was sick, how the fuck is he supposed to know it ? He has many fans on M&G and does them every show, he is always good to sick children specially if someone tells him their condition. He can’t read their mind.

  • xFireBomb

    I mean, that’s what happens at meet and greets. When theres probably over 100 people there, the artist doesn’t really have time to have a conversation with you. After all, they do have a show to get ready for. Unless she talked to someone on Bieber’s team about her son, she should’ve known Justin wouldn’t know about her son being a cancer survivor and a contest winner.

  • BangBang

    Why do they even alow so many people to have a meet&greet pass. Just reduce the amount of people so that he doesn’t always get backlashed for not interacting with his fans.

  • HoneyB

    Well that ain’t his fault ask his management it happens on almost all people’s shows who do M&G’s, still here he wasn’t rude at all, if he was late or something like that that would be rude , but this is so not rude.