Selena Gomez Tonight Show W/ Jay Leno


Selena Gomez performs ‘Slow Down’ on Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

NOTE: Selena will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on August 1.

Selena’s Bagatalle dinner menu in the thumbnails! Selena Gomez continues to celebrate her 21st birthday! According to E! News: ‘The party was great. They did a private dinner for about 20 people, all close family and friends. She was in great spirits and all smiles all night. Ashley Benson and Francia Raisa joined her for the night.’

They ate Salade Saesar de Bagatelle (special request), Tuna Tartar, Parisian Gnocchi and the signature Whole Truffle-Roasted Chicken along with French fries. The eatery even created a special menu for the night with the message ‘Happy 21st Birthday Selena!’

For dessert, they indulged in the Mega Sundae and a personalized birthday cake. ‘Thank you to @bagatellela for an amazing bday!!!! It’s a birthday WEEK! #werk #becauseIcan.’

  • ThatCat

    shes wearing taylor’s pants!
    i think.


    ThatCat said:
    shes wearing taylor’s pants!
    i think.


  • Tokio Hotel is Love

    Why do pop stars wear those type of shorts? They’re so unflattering >.< Is this her way of trying to be sexy?

  • boystan


  • HoneyB

    Dear God that burned my ears : O Selena how dare you sing like that on fucking Jay Leno, you should have just do a interview smh so out of tune oh God

  • BrokenArrow

    They all wear that kind of outfit when they ‘grow up’. Even though she does that, her fans claim that growing up is no showing more skin lol.

  • LucyLu

    All these Disney child stars sexualize themselves when they try to transition from a child fanbase to an older one. And the main reason is because sex sells. I think it is pathetic though. And it is harmful too. The American Psychological Association (APA) suggests that the proliferation of sexual images of girls and young women in the media is harming their self-image and development.

  • LucyLu

    And pretty much all of them have done this transition. Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez…