Taylor Swift Philadelphia Concert Pictures


From Liana @magicnmbr7: Austin Mahone and Ed Sheeran were great openers. The weather advisor report made everyone go undercover because of a huge storm. It started pouring and lightening. Everyone was crammed under covers. There were people passing out from the heat and some even left. Taylor said she would not leave until she got a chance to perform.

She was supposed to go on at 845 but with the storm, she did not come on stage until 1030ish. She left out a couple songs because by the time the concert ended it was after midnight. She did an amazing job and was very grateful for everyone who stayed to see her perform. VIDEOS under!

I Knew You Were Trouble:



All Too Well:

Everything Has Changed:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:

Holy Ground:

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    And this is why I love Taylor! You get your money’s worth even if you have to wait! Guess Mother Nature can’t wait again! Oh well! We showed her! Lol.