Amanda Bynes Schizophrenic, Burned Dog

Amanda Bynes is exhibiting signs of schizophrenia and medical professionals seek a 2-week extension on her 5150 psychiatric hold so doctors can properly diagnose her, reports TMZ. Amanda lit a fire on an elderly woman’s driveway in Thousand Oaks, CA around 8:38 PM on Monday night and burned her gasoline soaked dog. Amanda’s parents will now ask a judge to put the 27-year-old in a conservatorship like Britney Spears.

Eyewitness: ‘I see this girl with her pant leg on fire and a gas can trailing fire through the driveway. It looked like her. It sounded like her. She had a wig on. I quickly pull over to go help her and when I got over here, she put the fire out on her leg and was rushing over to her dog.

I kicked the gas can over and moved it to the middle of the driveway so nothing else would catch on fire. And I said, ‘Are you OK?’ She was kind of frantic and discombobulated, and many people rushed over to try to assess the situation and when I looked back up, she was gone.’

When he saw her, she was on her phone and about to get into a cab: ‘I told the driver, ‘Don’t let her in. There’s a fire,’ I tried stopping her and she was like, ‘Please don’t touch me, don’t move.’ Then she got in and [the driver] just took off. Squad cars chased after her and I don’t know what happened next.’

Amanda Bynes accidentally drenched her pet Pomeranian with gasoline while building a fire in a residential neighborhood then raced to a nearby liquor store to clean him. In the liquor store she darted straight for a restricted ‘employees only’ area. while holding the dog in her outstretched arms.

  • waaahh

    WTF. She should be going to jail. I will never understand why animal abuse isn’t treated the same as child abuse. Pets do not ask to be placed in our homes. We go out of our way to get them. If you don’t plan to love and nurture your pets as you would a child, then let someone who will have them.

  • NarrySex

    ok did any of you read the article? the dog wasnt on fire,gasoline mistakenly got on it. Amanda tried to get iit cleaned

    She is MENTALLY ILL,she is getting treated for schizophrenia. thats why she was acting out on twitter,shes sick.

    she doesnt need to go to jail

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  • hollywoodhaha

    What the ever loving fuck

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  • TheseStrangeLittleThings

    This makes me want to cry. Who the fuck cares about Amanda if she wants to criticize other people and make herself look like a fool? But don’t get helpless animals involved. If she has a serious mental disorder – especially schizophrenia – her friends and family should get involved instead of watching this train wreck blow up.

  • LucyLu

    Sadly, I think it is possible that she doesn’t have any real friends and a close relationship with her family.

  • yesaella

    what im finding so conflicting is why Drake said she was okay?…