Miley Cyrus, ‘I Didn’t Stalk Zayn Malik’

Miley Cyrus revealed she only said she fancied One Direction star Zayn Malik because her gay friend is a huge fan. Last July, Miley tweeted that she and some pals were ‘stalking’ Zayn at a sleepover, with Miley now clearing up reports that she’s got a crush on the 1D heartthrob.

Miley told MTV that she ‘definitely’ wasn’t seriously stalking Malik, explaining: ‘I only said he was cute because someone asked me. I was gonna get tomatoes thrown at me in the UK if I didn’t say I had a crush on one of them. So I just had to pick one.. I’ve heard a lot of gay boys talk about Zayn so that’s howI know what he looks like.

..He’s got great hair! One of my best gay friends has him as his background on his phone, so that’s how I know who he is.’ This week, Cyrus lost her VEVO video record to One Direction, with the lads scoring 12.3 million views for Best Song Ever in just 24 hours.

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  • duckyhoward15

    K Miley we got it you think you are too old and too classy for 1D but guess what no body cares .

  • TheseStrangeLittleThings

    IMO, she seems pretty defensive about stating her dis/like for him.

  • hollywoodhaha

    Honey, nobody really cared..

  • thecat61

    She may have lost out to one direction but she’s the top female with the most views in a 24hr. period.

    Isn’t it funny how no one really gave a shit about this vevo thing until Miley broke the record. She’s such the trendsetter.

  • LucyLu

    Obviously people already cared about Most View in 24 hours if it was already something that was being tracked and recorded to see who was at the top.

  • Fap

    Miley said she didn’t know much about One Direction a few days ago, and couldn’t name any of their names.

    Despite photo evidence otherwise.