OCEANUP Needs Your Help! + Comments

FIRST, to any OU users would like to help us with social media: We specifically need one or two readers to help run the OCEANUP Pinterest and Google+ accounts. If you would like to help please email [email protected] gmail.com with a little about yourself , your interests and username :)

Also with Disqus comments are real time & you can post pictures & reply!

SECOND, we are switching to Disqus finally (within the next couple of weeks)! To comment you can login with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or easy registration through Disqus. It’s going to be much easier to deal with spammers within this system. If anyone would like to be a moderator please email us with your current user name :)

  • xAskTaylorx

    MY ACCOUNTS GOING BYE BYE AFTER ALL THIS TIME?!? Please figure out how to get spammers out! Don’t feel comfortable putting out information! If you guys need help, I’m here. I’ll even delete the spam! Anything! =|

  • yesaella

    Don’t feel comfortable putting out information!
    asktay you dont have to put out any info. you can register with disqus itself. they may ask for name and stuff but it doesnt have to be your real info. itll be fine lol.

    BUT ANYHOO God bless your souls for switching to disqus! i love it!

  • HoneyB

    So those accounts will be gone? No :( will they all get deletf :(