Selena Gomez SLOW DOWN Jay Leno

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Although she’s been in the public eye for over a decade as a child actress-turned-pop star, Selena Gomez has always come across as somewhat hard to decipher compared to her fellow ex-Disney peers.

Sure, she has a very public relationship with Justin Bieber under her belt, and a supporting role in the girls-behaving-very-very-badly thriller Spring Breakers, but she’s remained virtually scandal-free compared to, say, Miley Cyrus or her Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa Hudgens

  • BangBang

    I feel like it would be better for her to just act only and develop in that, because the singing is just bad!


    beautiful voice <3 :)

  • thecat61

    Waaaaaaay overrated!!!!!!

  • yeahitsernesto
  • HoneyB

    That is just bad smh good for her she has the looks otherwise nothing else would help her out really being this overrated

  • Fap

    Since nobody under the age of 50 watches Jay Leno, I have the image of a bunch of 60 year old men furiously masturbating to Selena Gomez.

  • boystan


  • guitargirlx11

    shes an amazing actress…and should stick to acting.

  • LucyLu

    I’m afraid that her pop star career is doing nothing for her acting career, in fact it is making her less credible as an actress. Who takes pop stars seriously when it comes to major acting? It is so annoying when celebrities both act and sing, they usually suck at one of them.

  • BrokenArrow

    she fell when she was getting out of the car lol

  • headbitch

    she needs to stop showing off her legs they look really awkward, especially her knees. her legs always look like theyre about to buckle, in the slow down music vid when she was doing the catwalk i was like omg is this supposed to be sexy STOP

  • LucyLu

    So you’re suggesting she should never wear anything above the knees again? You make it sound like she has a deformity.

  • shmilex

    why does this song remind me so much at biebs “as long as you love me”? lol so creative
    i still find it funny how she screams in the mic even tho nobody can hear her but the playback voice


    beautiful voice <3 :)