Selena On Ryan Seacrest + Adidas DOL


FULL Ryan Seacrest interview under! Adidas: New outtakes of promotional photoshoot for Adidas NEO winter line. First promotional photos of the line fall / winter line of Dream Out Loud. Credit: SelenaMGomez.BZ.

  • HoneyB

    Idk why is Ryan so licking her ass now and calling her on every day lmao why would she come to talk about her birthday and album which she already talked about last time she was on ? Weird lol but still this seems like the first real interview of her, she seems hangover a bit haha

  • LucyLu

    More views, more money. They bring in whoever is popular so they can get more views and money. This is business.

  • rainbow3000

    Selena is an epitome of Greek Goddess.

  • BrokenArrow

    She looks like she didnt take a shower lol.
    I like all the outfits specially the one in the main pic.

  • boystan


  • thecat61