Ariana Grande THANK YOU Gift To Fans

Ariana Grande Tweeted: Just came up with a fun idea for you all. Wanna hear? As a little ‘thank you’ for all of the incredible things you’ve done to support me & my music the past few months with #BabyI and #TheWay.. and since the album is still a little wait away (Sept 3)..

Next week, I’m going to start introducing you guys to the album 1 song at a time What I mean is starting next week every few days or so I’ll be posting little vids introducing each song to u as a countdown to the album :)

Sound good? Also you’ll be getting the cover art and preorder information soon.. (around next week soon, I know I have to clarify my soons) Glad to see you’re excited. I am too. :) These next few months are going to be a lot of fun. Love you. Get TIX to Ariana’s Listening Sessions Tour HERE!