Jonas Bros Take A Breath/ Mumford Cover


Jonas Brothers & Cimorelli will perform at Kidd’s Kids Concert in Dallas, Aug. 15. Article on Joe in Kenya HERE. More PNC concert pix HERE. More Z1100 pix HERE & HERE. Kevin to People on his baby:

‘Hearing the heartbeat. It becomes a different thing. The nausea has finally subsided. Danielle’s feeling much better now in the last couple of days, which is a really big step. She’s not sick anymore.’

What is she craving? ‘Grapes. She can’t stop eating them, like nonstop. I’ve got a bunch of fathering books to read.I’m also reading something about] how to sleep a night after four weeks. Sending her flowers, making her feel appreciated, and just doing as much as I can to be with her.’

Nick: ‘It’s way more real to him, whereas to us, it’s not quite real yet. There’s still hope for you, Kev.’ Joe: ‘There’s a lot of new conversations we will have to have as a group Kevin can spend as much time as he can at home with his new baby and also do what we all love to do, which is music.

Joe on new album: ‘There’s a lot of different vibes. We really wanted to take our time making it.’ Nick, who produced this new album, says they were inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean and Calvin Harris.

UPDATE: iHeartRadio pix HERE!

“[We’re] very excited,” Joe, 23, said at Z100’s Clear Channel radio studios in New York City. “I think this is a good time for adding a new member of the family. And you obviously don’t really know what to expect until he or she is actually here but then it will all kind of sink in. You just talk about it, but when we’re actually able to hold that baby, our niece or nephew, that will be exciting.”

Nick, 20, is especially happy for the future baby to wear a fan-given bib that has a special, forthcoming, message on it: “My uncle is hot! And single!” “I thought that was great,” dad-to-be Kevin laughed. While the “First Time” singers work on their upcoming album, due this fall, 25-year-old Kevin shared that Danielle hasn’t suffered any severe morning sickness thus far. (The couple, married since 2009, announced they were expecting Tuesday, July 9.)

“She’s good! You know, the first trimester is always an interesting one,” he explained. “She’s been feeling up and down a lot. But she’s doing a lot better now. We’re in good spirits.” During the interview, he also revealed that 25-year-old Danielle, a former hairdresser, was possibly finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl at a doctor’s appointment. They’re not sure when — or if — they’ll reveal the gender news. “We’ll see,” he explained.

With Kevin busy in the studio, Danielle who stars in E’s Married to Jonas, is busy decorating the nursery for their new bundle of joy. “She’s really taken care of all of that,” he shared. “I’m really excited about everything and want to help out as much as possible, obviously. But, you know, we’re here on the road working a lot. But I’m just really excited! It’s such a good time.”

Seeing how many JoBro fans are just as excited about the baby, he says the outpouring of support has warmed he and Dani’s hearts. “We’re getting so many gifts from the fans,” he said. “We’ve been collecting them in each city and I have an entire area in one of the buses just filled with boxes of gifts from these fans.”