Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend Quits Twitter!


Ariana Grande‘s boyfriend Jai Brooks quit Twitter: Thanks everyone for giving me so much hate on everything I do. Not anything I do is good enough for you and you hate on me for every little single thing I do and put me under so much pressure, I am starting to feel like I can’t live my own life without having to try and please you.

I’ve been reading your hate for a while now and I’m sorry to say this you make me feel like absolutely sh** and just can’t be bothered with it, I’m sorry you all hate me so much and I’m sorry I’ve done something so wrong to you all but I really can’t take it any more, I’m tired of reading all his hate so I’m going to stay off twitter for a while. I’m sorry to the fans who are always so kind to me but I really want to just stay off for a while. Thank you.