Blandie, Nick & Joe Jonas Pinkberry Stop


Blanda, Nick & Joe Jonas looking like a happy family at Pinkberry ice cream in Washington, DC on July 28, 2013. The brothers will be performing tomorrow at Jiffy Lube Live in the DC suburbs. Photos: FameFynet.

UPDATED with Broomball Mixtape Festival videos under!

From Lina: So yesterday the jonas brothers were in georgetown! Not sure where Kevin was because no one saw him but nick joe and Blanda were walking around all day. My friends and I had tried for hours all day to find them. We were given the wrong hotel, then we went into georgetown and searched the entire place!

Finally we heard from another group of fans that they were headed our way so we followed. I almost barely missed them but as I ran into the hotel they went into I saw joes back going into an elevator and then Blanda. So naturally my body acted before my rain and I jumped into the elevator with them LOL.

I scared the crap out of Nick and joe tried so politely to ask if I was staying there and that I couldn’t be in the elevator haha. I realized they probably thought I planned to follow them to their room which is super creepy so I stepped back and apologized. In the end they laughed it off and agreed to take pictures with me. It was the best day ever and they’re both SOOO sweet :)