Josh Hutcherson NUDES Dating Site?

Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire star, has apparently been on dating sites and hooking up with multiple girls. One of the girls he was messaging has leaked his nude photos reports Life Of the Rich & Famous! Uncensored under.

The blog reports, “A year ago or so, 20-year old Josh Hutcherson was allegedly caught on a online dating site.. under the name, “Connor”. ‘Connor’ was not only sending photos to girls but actual videos of him pleasuring himself to someone who we gladly got a hold of. After reaching out to his team for a comment, all we got was legal threats.”

The past two years Josh Hutcherson has been seen dating many women, hopefully using protection; among those including Vanessa Hudgens, Claudia Traisac, and others.

Poor Peeta! The odds were certainly not ever in his favor… Do you think it is him?