Blind Item Open Post: Bi Boybanders

Via Blind Gossip: You may be sweltering in the summer sun, but these two boy banders are already dreaming about winter. That’s because they have started planning their first winter vacation together after one of the boys breaks up with his faux girlfriend! One of them wants to hit the slopes and go skiing. The other wants to go to a beach somewhere, where they can frolic in the surf and splash water at each other.

It’s actually a very cute disagreement. We’ll just be happy to see them together, enjoying each other’s company. However, if they do choose the beach, we do wonder what kind of bathing suits they will wear. One prefers Speedos, while the other is inclined to be a bit more modest. We say: Forget modest! Just have fun being yourselves and being with each other! Guy 1: Guy 2: Band:

Via Blind Gossip: His wife talks about the constant morning sickness of the first trimester, about buying cute baby clothes in a neutral color, and about her healthy food cravings. In fact, both of their families have been talking and tweeting non-stop about her pregnancy. Sweet, right?

Not really. The cheerful announcement that this young reality couple was pregnant didn’t slip past us unnoticed. We knew that the couple was fake, fake, fake and did not actually sleep together, so the origins of the baby were dubious at best. Well, we now we have the shocking truth: She is not pregnant! Never was! It’s all a publicity stunt.. and both families are in on it!

She will continue to pretend to be pregnant for the rest of the summer.. and then she will ‘misc*rry’ before her husband’s record drops. They expect the sympathy of the fans and the public to boost album sales and their reality show ratings. Clever marketing.. or sick and twisted? Husband: Wife: Reality Television Show: