Jonas Brothers MixTape Festival Meetings


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From Liana @magicnmbr7: All three shows were amazing. Atlantic City was the first of three that I went to and I was blown away. The energy was amazing and I couldnt stop dancing in my seat. The Mixtape Festival was delayed due to a storm so most of the people in the crowd were soaked. That didnt stop Jonas fans from sticking around to hear them play.

Those two shows had similar setlists. Bristow was even better. They played Stay, Take A Breath, Hold On, Before The Storm, and What Did I Do To Your Heart. It was so amazing to hear Stay again live since I was at the show he first sang it a few years ago in DC. For Bristow, I also went to soundcheck party and had a Meet and Greet. The first half of soundcheck was the band playing old Jonas songs and the crowd singing.

The band played Australia because someone in the crowd was from there. Nick, Kevin, and Joe came out and sang a few songs and told everyone who wanted to ask a question that they had to sing it. That was really funny. I asked Kevin to show his bird tattoo because I was going to show one of my tattoos. I gave Joe these funky sunglasses to wear and he wore them the dorky way aka the best way. Nick of course did his signature smile for the camera.

In Charlotte, Jonas Brothers spent the afternoon with their family walking around downtown Belmont and stopped into Cherubs Café and Candy Bouquets is a vocational program of Holy Angels, which serves children and adults with developmental and intellectual challenges.