Miley, You’re Supposed To Be Mess At 20

Miley: ‘I think people forget what it feels like to be 20. People just evolve and that’s all that’s happened to me. But people think a mad scientist somehow cooked up this potion and turned me in to a different human, which it wasn’t. All I did was get a haircut and buy some clothes and everyone thinks that I am made into a robot that changes with what’s popular every 10 years.

That’s why I think some people kind of fall off and they end up going crazy because you don’t give yourself time to go crazy. That’s what you’re supposed to do; you are 20, you are supposed to be a mess because you haven’t figured it out yet, and 10 years from now I am supposed to have it all together.’

Miley told BBC: ‘People that probably fall off are the people obsessed with googling themselves and knowing what people are saying. If I knew what people are saying about me, I’d probably hate myself. I don’t look at that kind of stuff.’

I knew ‘We Can’t Stop’ as gonna be great. And I knew it was gonna go viral like that because it’s just interesting.. I worked for five years on something that was a character where I didn’t really get to be completely the creative person that I wanted to be so at this point I did the work that I had to do. I had to kinda make my money and do all that so now I don’t have to worry about necessarily any of that.

I can just make music because I love it. It doesn’t have to really be driven by, ‘I wanna build up my fan base,’ because I have an amazing fan base that’s followed me. Now because I don’t have any more responsibilities or have anyone that I have to really answer to, I can take as long as I want and just be patient on this record.’

Miley will rap on Mike WiLL Made It’s upcoming debut single ’23′: ‘I’m about to put out the first single within the next month. It’s called ’23′ and it features Miley, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. It’s a record where I had to try out something different. Miley is kind of rapping to it.’