Selena Gomez Stars Dance #1 In Canada


Selena Gomez‘s hit album Stars Dance is #1 in Canada AND Mexico!

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UPDATE: Stars Dance ebuted at #1 on the Canadian Nielson Soundscan chart, selling 16,500 copies in its first week. STARS DANCE, released July 23 through Universal Music Canada is Selena’s first #1 debut in Canada and features her double-platinum hit single ‘Come & Get It’. Internationally, STARS DANCE debuted at # 1 in 28 countries and top 10 in 84 countries on iTunes.

The road to # 1 kicked off in April with the release of Selena’s first single from STARS DANCE, ‘Come & Get It’. The video for the single will hit the 100 million view mark next week, and was recently nominated for MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards for Best Pop Video.