Jennette McCurdy, My Breasts Came At 16


Jennette McCurdy revealed her insecurity to TWIST: ‘I didn’t develop until I was 16! I didn’t have any breasts and then suddenly they came in strong. So I was used to one body type and then I had to quickly adapt.

Having something where there was nothing for so long was a really interesting change tht was hard for me to deal with at first. I wanted to pretend they weren’t there, I wanted to strap them down, I wanted to wear two sports bras so you couldn’t tell that I had boobs.

Talking to my mom and to the right friends, it clicked in my mind. I just thought, we have the body we have and there’s nothing we can do to change it. So I need to just appreciate mine, treat it well, appreciate it and not bag on it.

As soon as I adopted that mentality. I was a lot more confident and felt better. I even found cuter clothes because I was dressing for my body type, as opposed to anybody else’s!’