Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball Will Be Massive’


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Miley Cyrus Huffington Post interview: ‘There is no one in the world that hasn’t had their heart broken.’ On her ballad ‘Wrecking Ball’, which fans are yet to hear but she says is a song for ‘everyone to cry to. I’m worried people will dissect everything. They are going to try and know who and what it’s about. We Can’t Stop’ was so chaotic.. I want to bring ‘Wrecking Ball’ down to a real ballad and something that is really talking to my fans.’

I think ‘Wrecking Ball’ will probably go pretty massive just because everyone in the world has felt that feeling at some point. There is no one in the world that hasn’t had their heart broken, even if it’s not what you’re going through right then. My music is like having therapy, it will be like a four-hour conversation just to write a song because you just have to go through every detail. That’s kind of how I wrote ‘Drive’ [another track off her new album], not about what I was going through right at that moment but things I had gone through, so that’s even harder because you’ve got to dig like therapy.

I always come out of there having cried and cracked up. Sometimes in the booth – I’m like teared up even thinking about it – people will say ‘we need you to cry on this one girl’ like on ‘Drive’… it’s stressful in the studio when it comes to writing those songs I definitely think this record has to be honest and first impressions are everything. So I’m taking this as me being a new artist// I want people to now know me as this rather than what they might have in the past.

It’s not about my show anymore but people think I’m this person who went from being on TV to just like partying in LA and that isn’t what I do. I go out and have fun and be crazy but I focus when I have to do work, I’m the most driven person you’ll ever meet. I haven’t lost my priorities. I work hard and I play really hard.’