Ariana ‘I Hate Red Hair When I’m Not Cat!’


Ariana Grande revealed to TWIST that she didn’t feel like herself on the set of Victorious with her red hair: ‘For a few years, I really didn’ feel like myself. I felt like I really had to compromise a lot because of my red hair for the show. I would never want to play Cat without red hair because it wouldn’t be right, but when I’m Arianaa I hate it!’

On Sam & Cat details: ‘Not giving away any secrets, but thanks to the magic of Hollywood we worked it out so I could have my natural hair color when I wanted and red hair on shoot days. I’m more myself now and I think my fans have been able to see I’m more comfortable and happier!’

Ariana’s new song on her debut album w/ Demi Lovato is called ‘Direct Contact.’