‘Jonas Brothers Helped Me Lose Weight!’


From Gerald: I’m a huge Jonas Brothers Fan from West Palm Beach, FL. I had a VIP package with a meet and greet and soundcheck for the boys show in West Palm Beach at Cruzan Amphitheater. I had previously had a Jonas tattoo done that said Living the Dream with the JG symbol, which usually presented Jonas Group, but in my case it was for Jonas and Gerald.

This was done about 3 years ago. When Joe toured for his Fast Life album I was able to get him to sign it at the meet and greet I won through Team Jonas. I hadn’t had the opportunity to have them all in one place at a time to complete the tattoo until now. Knowing that meet and greets are so quick I was prepared to do the impossible and go for the shot of having them do it!

I walked in and stuck to my plan and they did. I have lost 43lbs in 6 months, these boys have been my biggest idols and inspiration for the passed 7 years and pushed me hard to reach my goal, and because of them I did it. This was my way of saying thanks.

Joe automatically recognized how much weight I lost, and after the picture talked to me about the tatt, the JG symbol, and commented on the shirt I was wearing which was a replica I made of his Camp Rock tour tank from 2010. I have attached the pics from yesterday and from when I started the tattoo process. I now have a pieces of Jonas History forever with me!