Lily Collins ELLE Canada Cover Girl


+ Lily Collins Instagram and promotional pictures. On ‘City of Bones': It deals with sexuality, family issues, with a girl trying to find herself and grow up. It deals with a lot of issues that I don’t think young-adult novels have dealt with before. I think she’s an amazing literary heroine for this new generation. I don’t feel that she is this girl that allows herself to sit back and bask in the men in her journey. She is never a victim. She figures out what to do.’

On growing up in the industry: ‘I’m just alert, I’m aware. I witnessed a lot through the process of growing up in the industry. I grew up knowing the fine line between keeping things public and private. And that’s a cool thing, to be able to avoid mess-ups early on. My parents really instilled this respect for the arts in me. I’ve always wanted to be grateful and not get jaded, because it can be so easy. I want to keep being surprised by what I get to do.’