Why Is Niall Horan STILL SINGLE?


Niall Horan revealed to BOP! why he’s still single and what he looks for in a girl: ‘I like someone who is cute and nice.’ He’d rather stay home, cook a pasta dinner for his crush or snuggle up while watching a romantic movie.

He’s searching every day to find the person to share those nights with. Niall’s the kind of boy who always texts his crush right back, opens doors on a dates and calls every day: ‘I don’t know why everything is always a game.’ He would date a Directioner: ‘If the right one came around. I’m not really a flirt, I try to be myself!’

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  • jade

    I’m a directioner niall can date me if he wants what I like for in a guy someone who is kind has a good sence of homor caring and irish

    I’ve rather stay at home as well someone who I can cuddle or snuggle up to at night kiss him before we go to bed and cook for him