Via @boopsy429: Okay so I just decided to post the full story because a lot of you are very curious about what went down. So basically we found out nick was eating at this restaurant so we went there. After a little while a girl came out with a tight gray dress on.

She has long brown hair, it was wavy, she looked older maybe 23-25? Hard to tell that’s just a guess. She smiled at us, she seemed friendly and she was VERY pretty she looked like a model. Nick came out right after her. We took our pix and talked about the tour and stuff and then afterwards he walked off with the girl.

When they were halfway down the street he took her hand and they continued to walk hand in hand for another block or so. I tried to take pix I just didnt want them to see I was behind them so I was legit hiding that’s why the pix are terrible. After a little while they hailed a cab and got in together. That’s basically it!

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