Demi & Family @ Patrick Lovato Funeral


Demi’s half sister Amber was there! Demi on Simon Cowell’s baby with Lauren Silverman.: ‘I don’t have any advice to give to someone who has lived like a hundred more years than I have. I mean, I might be off by a few, so maybe 110. But I have a lot of fun with him and he’s a great guy. He’ll be good.

I think we’ve cracked his shell a little bit. I think people are going to see that he’s actually a really nice guy. It doesn’t mean he’s going to be any more polite to contestants that he doesn’t think are talented. But people are going to see a softer side of him definitely this year.

People are surprised, and I was definitely surprised. Especially after working with him for so long, too. He’s just continued to surprise me.. in being just a really great person and he’s really sensitive and he’s a good guy and people only see the really mean Simon on TV. The thing is he’s just saying what all of us are thinking anyways.

I feel like this season is so different and dare I say it better than last season. Not just talent wise, but the chemistry between the entire panel is like family. We have bonded. Paulina and Kelly and I have become like sisters. I can go to them with anything and have deep conversations and at the same time laugh our asses off.’