Harry Styles W Hotel Meeting Hottie

Harry Styles blessed the world yesterday as he exposed his bare chest in a recent picture with Awesomeness TV Host @Halleta who met him at the W Hotel. Harry, along with the rest of One Direction, were at the W Hotel in Westwood yesterday, August 6th, as they taped a live acoustic session for Hasbro which was part of a promotional contest for those who bought their dolls, in addition to arranged press interviews with select outlets from Access Hollywood, BOP/Tigerbeat and more.

Their series of concerts in LA, capping off their tour, starts today and goes until Saturday — leading up to the Teen Choice Awards, which they will be performing at. shaking and crying, too excited

1D UPDATE: They were previously thought to have been at the West Hollywood Andaz Hotel, but instead it was actually just a decoy. Their makeup artist Lou is there says fans who met her. Also, they are not actually staying at the W Hotel, it was just for their press opp. It is believed that they are all staying in different locations.