‘Nick Jonas Overachieving Music Dynamo’


Dallas New Jonas Brothers concert review: In the grand pantheon of teen pop sensations, a long and largely forgettable list of 15-minute flashes, the Jonas Brothers always seemed to follow their own road map. Sure, they rode the same wave that turns pubescent girls’ hearts to mush. But there’s always been more at work here. There is genuine potential, talent even, that deserves rediscovering particularly now that Nick, Joe and Kevin are on the other side of the heyday.

The trio’s last studio album, 2009′s Lines, Vines and Trying Times, sold markedly less than its predecessors 2007′s Jonas Brothers and 2008′s A Little Bit Longer. Solo offerings from Nick (2010′s Who I Am) and Joe (2011′s Fastlife) didn’t fare any better. The brothers’ three-year hiatus from the stateside concert stage cost them fans. This is a group that once filled Cowboys Stadium. Tuesday night’s show at Gexa Energy Pavilion drew 4,900 admirers.

That’s a shame because the tunes I’ve heard so far from the JoBros’ upcoming studio disc, V, represent some of their best work. ‘First Time,’ which opened the concert, has a swirling, nocturnal, adult vibe. ‘Pom Poms’ is all catchy chorus and stomping beat, while ‘Found’ is a slinky, mid-tempo pop number. ‘The World’ has a techno-trippy synthesized loop that accentuates a groovy hook.

‘Let’s Go’ is all propulsive teen pop with rapping attitude. ‘What Do I Mean to You’ unleashes a rock edge that I’ve never witnessed on a Jonas Brothers cut. Joe Jonas, the pin-up of the family, donned the dark sunglasses for the first few songs of the show. All of these songs were produced by Nick, who is clearly the group’s overachieving musical dynamo.
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