Nick Jonas Reveals V SONG LYRICS


Nick Jonas Tweets ‘V’ song lyrics. Is Nick drinking alcohol out of the red cup? Looking forward to @OliviaSomerlyn being added to the CA shows! @paulephamous yup. Just wait till they hear the 3 minute spoken word.. I am ready for you all to hear this new record. Boast your freedom then demand and apology. Remember in the moment we both got lost. – SANDBOX V

The line keeps disappearing in front of me. Till I don’t know where and when it’s been crossed. Let your heart control your mind. Make it feel like the first time.- FIRST TIME V Don’t think about the world. Stop blaming yourself I know you do. Don’t think about the world just me and you.- THE WORLD V

Hoping that your gonna show me just surround me till I’m glowing in the dark.- NEON V I’ve been looking for the reason what’s the answer or the meaning of it all.. Tell me you want me to love you. Tell me and I’ll never stop. I’ll be around yeah your never lost.- V

Run. Go ahead run around, and see how quick your found.- V Wow. Look at us right now. Finally we’re found. -V No need for water _____ when you got the wine. Searching for diamonds when I gave you the mine. So what do I mean to you. -V Keys to an open door don’t mean a lot. Stains on a dirty floor you don’t see a spot. So what do I mean tell me what do I mean to you. -V