One Direction Rent Million $$ Yacht Home


One Direction will make $1 billion in the next year. ‘Where We Are’ is reported to gross over $270 million (£175m) alone in 2014: ‘According to their record label, One Direction has sold 30 million records to date. At an average price of $9.99, that equates to just under $300,000,000 in gross sales.’

Liam Payne spent £1.2 million on a bottle of champagne. They also rented millionaire dollar yacht house of Mulholland Drive. It has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a pool, two spas, a firepit, a theater, a gym, a nightclub, a wine cellar, and two kitchens. It was on the market recently for $6.749 million, but it rents for $27,000 a month.

Niall also met David Beckham!